I Spy November DIY

November 2

Happy November everyone!  Can you even believe that October and all the trick-or-treat festivities are already behind us!?  This is the time of year where I love to enjoy the calm before the whirlwind of Christmas celebrations!  It can actually be difficult to not get ahead of myself and miss the wonderful joys that this month brings…like gatherings, feasts, and spending time with family!  Today I’d like to share some DIY projects that I have planned for the month…and not just for the Thanksgiving table!  I’m actually just showing a sneak peek…because quite honestly I didn’t have the time to complete anything I started!  That silly little thing called Halloween just got in the way!  But take a look anyway, and see if you can guess what the outcomes will be!  I promise I’ll share them all in their entirety throughout the month…and hopefully spark plenty of inspiration along the way!

a glimpse of do-it-yourself…

i love a good diy project for any time of the year!  i think what i like the most about making things yourself is you not only save some cash, but you create something that shows your unique personality!  you might guess what some of these projects will be…but when i share the finished version, you may also be surprised!

craft supplies

i love glitter!  don’t you think a little sparkle can make anything happy!?


maybe some crafting with these little guys…

mini gourds

a little more glitter perhaps?  this might look a bit predictable…but i can almost guarantee you won’t guess what this diy will be!

DIY glitter

i think i see an overall theme here…i DID say i loved glitter!  a great way to spruce up some bargain leaves…and where will i use these?  hmmmm…


ah, something not involving the shiny stuff!  i always love a natural project…

living DIY

and look at these wooden cuties from Target!  just because they’re sold with the Christmas items doesn’t mean you HAVE to use them for Christmas!

target craft kit

so i hate to leave you hanging…but since i didn’t get anything done this weekend, that’s how it’s got to be!  but i can’t wait to share the final outcome of all…


so this November, get ready to…

spy some DIY!