Kid Friendly Beverage Cart!

October 5

Beverage carts or drink stations are such an integral part of any party…we all serve drinks when we entertain so why not make the areas where we grab the sips festive too?  The best part of creating an area for drinks is that you can do it anywhere!  No bar cart? No problem!  Just find a small table, a sideboard in a dining room, or even a space on the kitchen counter…any of those areas can be simply decorated and filled with whatever libations you choose!  And if you do have a cart, the fact that it’s often referred to as a “bar” doesn’t mean it has to be filled with boozy choices!  It’s always a nice idea to offer up some non-alcoholic drinks at any event.  You can serve up sips of the season, flavored waters or even hot beverages!  Today I’d like to continue with my little dessert party and share the beverage cart that went along with the treats…and it was completely kid friendly!  It really isn’t a grand display…but a couple whimsical touches and deliciously simple drinks made my cart a fun addition to the party!  I’d love to share the easy sips I was serving…

cheers to the beverage cart!

my party drinks had the flavors of fall…and serving them in fun containers & pretty mugs made them extra festive!!

Halloween beverage cart

you don’t need a big beverage cart or area to serve up your sips…set out a few glasses and keep adding them as needed!

beverage cart

fun containers!

instead of pouring the apple cider into a pitcher, i thought I’d have some Halloween fun and serve it in a beaker!

beverage cart

and since i was serving some chilled cider, i decided to offer the hot variety as well!

beverage cart

sweet additions!

and for a fun twist, i dropped a soft, caramel candy inside each mug!  each guest can unwrap the sweet and let it melt in the hot, steamy cider!

Halloween beverage cart

a really effortless way to create a caramel apple drink…and if guests would rather have it plain, they can just eat the candy!

beverage cart ideas

“spooky” decor!

since those were the only “specialty” drinks of the evening i added some Halloween decorations to fill up the beverage cart and make it festive!

Halloween beverage cart

dessert stands aren’t just for dessert…

halloween bar cart

this pretty cake stand from Amalfi Decor is so versatile by allowing you to add a ribbon accent if you wish!

halloween bar cart

i also draped the cart handles with jack-o-lantern lights…a dollar section score!

Halloween bar cart

and a colorful spider joins the pile of paper globes scattered across the bottom!

Halloween bar cart decor

no matter how big or small your beverage cart might be, you can always make it grand with just a few simple decorations!

holiday beverage cart

serve up some spooky Halloween sips!

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Amalfi Decorcake stand

Party City:  paper globes

Michaels:  spider web placemat, fabric tassel garland, spider clips, beaker

Target:  jack-o-lantern battery lights

Libby Glass:  Irish coffee mugs