Teacher Appreciation Inspiration

August 23

Teacher appreciation gifts are such a wonderful way to show our hard working instructors how much we admire them for all they do for our children!  With most schools in full swing now it’s time to be thinking of those little things we can give or do for all the wonderful men and women who teach and inspire our kids to dream big!  Volunteering in the classroom would possibly be one of the best and most helpful ways to show some appreciation..but many times work schedules or little ones at home make it impossible to donate time.  The great news is that you can still come up with simple tokens to remind our teachers how much we care…and I’d like to share a sweet little idea with you today!  A gift never needs to be over the top to make the recipient feel appreciated.  Sometimes the smallest things, when put together with care, can really show someone how grateful we are to have them in our lives!  Have a peek at this simple gift that will have your teachers smiling!

teacher appreciation made easy!

on monday i shared a back to school buffet and some of the fun supplies i used for that breakfast ended up being the inspiration for some little gifts too!  whenever i package up a present-whether it’s for a teacher, a coach, a friend, or a host-i try to find simple items that are useful & meaningful to who will be receiving it!  and since this gift idea is for those who teach what better than to choose some goodies that represent the classroom…like pencils, erasers, and flashcards that can be gift tags!

Teacher gift DIY

i loved these covered apple containers that i used in my breakfast buffet…and they’re perfect for a teacher appreciation gift too!

teacher gift ideas

you could fill a container like this one with some sweet treats and the card could read: “so sweet to have you as my teacher”!   when the candy is gone this shiny apple will look adorable on a desk holding supplies like paperclips, push pins…or more candy!

teacher gift ideas

wrap it up!

wrap it all up pretty and you’ve got a really cute little gift that’s BIG on appreciation!

teacher gift ideas

teacher appreciation…

it doesn’t take much to show you care!

Happy First Day Back!

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