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How to Create a Cozy Hot Cocoa Bar

November 27

The moment cool temperatures set in…it’s time for hot cocoa!  Even on a chilly summer evening my family has indulged on the toasty drink to warm our bones!  But now hot cocoa season is in full swing and it can be so easy to serve this sweet, warm treat to family and friends on a blustery day!  I often keep a tray filled with the fixins’ for the chocolatey sip in my kitchen at all times during the fall and winter, making it easy to serve up a quick cup…and it looks festive too!  Today I’d like to share some fun ways to create a pretty cocoa station with the help of my friends at Oriental Trading!  The holiday season and hot cocoa go hand in hand…you can have so much fun adding some festivity to a simple cup of cheer to make spirits bright!  So get ready for some easy DIY projects from the craft room and the kitchen to create a winter treat that won’t disappoint! Get warm & cozy…

toast the season with a hot cocoa bar!

A Moroccan Soiree!

November 20

There are two things I love to do when having a dinner party…dining outdoors and serving up some Moroccan delights!  My husband lived in Morocco as a child while his father worked for the government.  They were fortunate to have a cook during their time there and learned to love the native cuisine!  When we got married, one of our most cherished gifts from his parents was a Moroccan cookbook, but written inside on many of the pages were the original recipes of the talented lady who taught them to love the food there!  We’ve been making those recipes ever since…in fact, I’m not sure we’ve actually ever tried one of the recipes from the actual book!  My boys have grown up like my husband, loving the flavors and the tradition of dining Moroccan!  I’m so thrilled to share with you today another party I styled for Black Twine…a Moroccan soiree!  You can grab the blueprint for the party with all the time-saving tips, links to get the goodies and even get some of my family’s favorite recipes…straight from well used pages of our cherished book!  Come share the fun…

dine in the outdoors…Moroccan style!

Whimsical & Colorful Thanksgiving Table

November 16

Adding some whimsical touches to any celebration is one of my favorite things to do!  Not only can it bring some extra fun to the festivity, it lightens the mood and can make your event comfortably casual without losing the “wow” factor!  Now that the holiday roller coaster has taken off…I’m always looking for ways to simplify my gatherings so that I can fully enjoy family and friends AND not get stressed about the next party on the calendar!  Last week I shared some colorful displays in my dining room and those bright colors & DIY projects were the inspiration for my table this year!  The best part?  Most of the tabletop is disposable!  After we’ve stuffed ourselves with the feast I can collect the paper products and fill up the trashcan rather than my sink…that alone is worth celebrating!  See some of the whimsical fun I had with paper plates, containers, tags…and the unexpected elements that helped make the table shine!

whimsical, colorful, joyful…

How to Create a Charcuterie Buffet

November 9

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I’m sure most of us have food on the brain!  Holiday menus dance in our heads like sugarplums and we dream of all the turkey legs, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie that will be piled high on our plates soon!  But equally as fun as the huge, holiday meal are the nibbles to graze on while we await the main event!  Charcuterie boards are so on-trend and are a casually elegant way to serve up nibbles at any event, party or holiday celebration!  Not only are they easy to prepare…they look so beautiful without much effort and they can satisfy the tastes of all your guests!  Today I’m thrilled to have collaborated with my friends at Amalfi Decor to bring you some festive ideas for how to set up a charcuterie buffet…a fun way to take the concept of the charcuterie board and give it a twist! If you’re planning to have guests in for the holidays, a charcuterie buffet might be just right for you!

Charcuterie for the holidays!

Fall Fun with a Tailgate!

November 2

Tailgate parties and fall seem to go hand-in-hand!  Whether it’s to celebrate a big game or just a fun way to serve up some goodies, tailgate festivities can be some of the most memorable ways to enjoy the season!  And aside from having some tailgate fun, my family also loves to indulge on the fruits of the season…apples!  Each year we load up the car with family and sometimes friends and head to the local orchard in search of our favorite pickings to make my grandma’s apple pie!  When we get home we peel and cook those beauties into a dozen containers full of pie filling to keep in the freezer all year long!  So this year I thought what fun it would be to combine our favorites…tailgating AND apple pie!  I’m teaming up today with one of my favorite companies to bring you some fun-filled ideas to host an apple pie party…tailgate style!  fun to eat fruit will put any edible logo or message onto fruit so that you can add something special to your event or gathering!  I LOVE the darling detail the fall inspired apples brought to my party…let me share with you the fun!

tailgate, apples, pie…oh my!

Quick & Easy Halloween Treats!

October 30

Quick Halloween treats are perfect when Halloween is just around the corner…and can you believe that those ghosts and goblins will be upon our doorsteps tomorrow!?  If you’re in need of some easy, fun and tasty treats for your Halloween festivities, not to worry!  I’ve got some super simple treats that are as easy as they are yummy…and perfect for after school snacks, classroom parties, or Hallow’s Eve desserts!  When you’re in a pinch for time, semi-homemade goodies are such a life saver!  You can add festive decorations to make your purchases look amazing…or bake something from a box and have some holiday fun!  Let me share with you some of my favorite quick tricks that will create very sweet treats!

whooooo’s ready for some Halloween “boos”?  quick Halloween treats just for you…

A Whimsical Halloween Treat Table

October 16

Setting a treat table for Halloween festivities can be such a fun and easy thing to do!  I don’t know if you noticed but the store shelves are bursting with bags of candies and treats…they practically jump right into the shopping cart! (that’s my excuse anyway!)  But the fact is that most of us will have an extra bag or two in preparation for all the trick-or-treaters who will soon be on our doorsteps!  So if you’re like me, you may already have some treats laying around making it easy to set up a candy bar to treat little ghosts and ghouls!  A treat table filled with candy and snacks is always fun for a party but you can even try one out for a holiday play-date or “just-because”…my favorite kind of celebration!  I’d love to share with you a whimsical treat table that I styled for Black Twine!  This party blueprint is packed with festivity but simple supplies and inexpensive goodies make it easy to set up for a fun, Halloween surprise!  Check out the sweet and spooky joy…

“eye” spy a Halloween treat table…

A Pumpkin Decorating Party!

October 9

Pumpkin decorating is one of my favorite things to do in the fall!  Whether it’s carving out spooky grins or painting it up in whimsical color, decorating a pumpkin is such a fun tradition and a great way to get a little creative!  My family always carves a pumpkin a few days before All Hallows’ Eve…but once you slice into that roly poly guy, the days are limited for his survival!  If you’re like me and can’t wait to get decorating the minute the calendar flips to October…a no-carve option is perfect for lasting through the holiday!  And as much fun as it is for me to celebrate this tradition with my family, it can also be a wonderful project to share with friends!  A pumpkin decorating party can be so much fun…and for the grown-ups too! Today I’d like to share a twist on pumpkin decorating that can last through the month and even into November…it’s also the perfect excuse to have some gal-pals in for some seasonal festivity!  You don’t necessarily have to decorate your pumpkin to look spooky…some paper, twine, flowers and glue can turn a craft pumpkin into a fall beauty that could also grace your Thanksgiving table!  So just because October often makes us think of ghosts and ghouls…see how much fun a different take on a traditional party can be!  Boho themed celebrations are all the rage…especially for a ladies night!  So today I’m so thrilled to share with you a cocktail party that includes decorating a pretty pumpkin!  Get crafty and join in on…

pumpkin decorating at a Boho Boo Bash!

Kid Friendly Beverage Cart!

October 5

Beverage carts or drink stations are such an integral part of any party…we all serve drinks when we entertain so why not make the areas where we grab the sips festive too?  The best part of creating an area for drinks is that you can do it anywhere!  No bar cart? No problem!  Just find a small table, a sideboard in a dining room, or even a space on the kitchen counter…any of those areas can be simply decorated and filled with whatever libations you choose!  And if you do have a cart, the fact that it’s often referred to as a “bar” doesn’t mean it has to be filled with boozy choices!  It’s always a nice idea to offer up some non-alcoholic drinks at any event.  You can serve up sips of the season, flavored waters or even hot beverages!  Today I’d like to continue with my little dessert party and share the beverage cart that went along with the treats…and it was completely kid friendly!  It really isn’t a grand display…but a couple whimsical touches and deliciously simple drinks made my cart a fun addition to the party!  I’d love to share the easy sips I was serving…

cheers to the beverage cart!

Easy Ideas for an October Dessert Table!

October 2

A dessert table is such a welcome sight any time of the year…but there’s something about October that gets me so excited to serve up some extra sugar!  All the Halloween candies and treats are just too delicious and to pass up…and we all know how plentiful they are leading up to trick-or-treat day!  You can find all your favorites dressed up in holiday colors so it’s the perfect season for creating a sugary treat to tempt all the ghosts and goblins who come calling!  Last Thursday I shared with you some easy and whimsical ways to set a Halloween table…today I’ll share the goodies that went with it!  You can easily fill up a dessert table with some simple treats and supplies that will make your party a spooky success!  See how effortless it can be to…

serve some sugar on a

Halloween dessert table!