Christmas Favorites!

December 14

It’s getting closer and closer to the big day…and I certainly hope you’ve been enjoying the season to it’s fullest!  I’m still not finished with my holiday shopping for my family yet and it seems like I’m on a treadmill…working hard but not getting anywhere!  But even though I’m not feeling very successful shopping for my kids and my hubby, I can still share some fun, little favorites I found along the way!  And I may not have tons to wrap right now, but when I do, these goodies will be just right for dressing up those holiday packages!  Everything I’m featuring today is pretty simple.  Maybe I’m drawn to them because I need some simplicity in my season at the moment, maybe it’s because they’re just simply cute…either way, I’d like to share them with you today!

simple. easy. cute.

let’s start with some sweet gift wrap!  i adore the craft paper-with-snowmen wrap from Target!  it combines the simplicity of brown craft paper with the whimsy of glittery snowmen…

wrapping paper

and these mini bottle brush trees from Michaels are so sweet tied to the top of my packages!  if you’re a crafter, you might just have a few of these lying around!  but if not, they come in an array of sizes & colors, are plentiful, inexpensive, and can be found at most craft stores!

bottle brush tree

how sweet is this one on this vintage matchbook?

tiny tree on vintage matchbook

i really love things made from craft paper!  these gift card holders and tags are plain & simple but no less darling–both can be found in the Target dollar section!   plain tags are perfect all year long and can be sweetly simplistic tied to a holiday gift wrapped in festive paper!

tags and gift card holders

and i also adore these beautiful letterpress tags…look how pretty the pattern of wood grain is embedded in the paper!  they add a bit of elegance…and i’m using these from Alice-Louise Press for all my husband’s office gifts!

gift tags

and these vintage translation cards are a fun twist on a traditional tag!  you might remember i picked up these cuties at the Butter Barn last week.  i think they’re adorable and would make a unique addition to a gift!

vintage translation cards

and how cute are these corrugated polar bear ornaments from Hobby Lobby!?  the best thing about these little guys is that they’re shatterproof!  you can tie one onto a gift going through the mail without a worry!  and you can use them on your Christmas tree too…perfect for little ones to handle or if you’ve got an energetic pet that plays with the decorations!

shatterproof ornaments

another Target favorite of mine is the little coils of greenery!  i love to use sections of this wired garland for wrapping around packages, napkins, or twisting onto a bottle of wine for a hostess gift!  also found in the dollar spot, this garland is inexpensive and goes a long way with over 6 yards in one!


see how cute it looks wrapped around the polka dot tube…easy and so pretty!


and even though this next fave isn’t for wrapping…you could wrap it and give it as a gift!  i LOVE these little soy candles!  look how adorable the wavy edges of the glass containers are…they remind me of weathered sea glass!   i’m sure it’s no surprise that these also are found at Target…and at really reasonable prices!  so treat yourself or someone who needs a little love!  when the candle is gone, you can recycle the cute container into another votive holder or a tiny vase!

soy candel

so those are my simple favorites this week!  if you need some embellishments or just a tiny gift…you know where you can go to find these and more!  now i just need to find some more things to wrap!

let your holidays be simple and bright!

don’t forget that the 2016 Holiday Party Hop is going on all week!  you can check in here to start from the beginning!  i’m joining 18 wonderful bloggers who will be sharing entertaining ideas all week long!  i’ll be hosting on friday so follow along and visit me on the final day of the festivities!  see you then!



  1. Anonymous

    December 14

    Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas, Lori! I love how you say what stores carry these items. It saves a lot of time.

    • Lori

      December 14

      You’re welcome! I love to pass along goodies I love!

  2. Goldie

    December 16

    Super cute gift ideas! The gift wrap paper is too pretty love you style.

    • Lori

      December 18

      Thanks Goldie!! I appreciate it! xoxo