Favorite Things

January 6

I know Spring is several months away…and I’m truly not trying to rush winter!  I really enjoy the snow (when we get it!) and love the long nights by the fire!  But a quick trip to the grocery store led me to a favorite find that I just couldn’t pass up!  I had to think for a sec to make sure I shouldn’t wait to purchase this touch of springtime, but worried that they might quickly be gone–I grabbed one to take home!  Winter has me wishing a bit for something green and fresh…so I often buy a bunch of flowers or potted bulbs to bring life into the house until the seasons change again.   Today I’d like to share this fave that I can enjoy now…and later when spring shows it’s happy face!

sweet, springtime succulents!

when i popped into Meijer to grab some fresh fruit i spied this sweet bunny planter filled with greens!  and even though Easter seems an eternity away, this sweet little guy would probably be long gone in a couple months…so home he came!


lucky for me, succulents are practically impossible to kill so they should still look good when the spring decorations come out…and if not, i can just fill it in with more!  maybe he’d look nice sporting some pretty little blooms?  i think he’ll be super cute no matter what he’s holding!


if you have Meijer stores near you go check out their “succulent zoo” collection!  the store i was in carried ducks, dogs, owls, and bunnies…but some stores may carry more!  and if you want a springtime critter don’t wait until Easter…they’ll be gone!


i’m not sure where he’ll reside in my home right now…but you can be sure come springtime, this bunny will be front & center!

rattan bunny succulent planter…my favorite!