Favorite Things!

November 11

Aside from sharing all the goodies within the walls at Alice-Louise Press, I haven’t done a “favorite things” post for quite some time!  With Thanksgiving coming so soon, I wanted to feature some wonderful finds from another favorite place to shop…Target!  If I had the time, I believe I could wander the isles for hours…scouring even the most utilitarian displays in search of that perfect score!  They make it SO easy to stumble across items that somehow call to you!  I can’t even go in for a jar of peanut butter without leaving with at least one extra little thing…I guess they really know what they’re doing!  But that’s another story about the fine art of marketing…today I’ll stay focused on that feast at the end of the month and these favorites to help with the holiday!

get some goodies for Thanksgiving…

if you’re planning on visiting friends or family this holiday you might not want to show up empty handed!  a hostess gift is such a wonderful way to express your appreciation…and it’s always a bonus when you can find something lovely, useful, AND inexpensive!  i loved these mini cookbooks tucked within the Target dollar spot!  how cute would these be to give to your host…tied up pretty and paired with a package of cocktail napkins?

cook books

or how about some pumpkin beer bread?  packaged with a bottle of suds, this would make a wonderful gift that the host can bake for following holiday festivities!

pumkin bread mix

and if YOU are the one entertaining you might want some supplies to help!  for a quick, easy, and whimsical centerpiece try these die-cut, wood animal kits (sold in the Christmas section) to create a simple display!  i tucked two into a tiny urn along with some paper leaves & moss…it will look cute on a side table OR on the Thanksgiving buffet!

craft kit

or you could try these appetizer plates, also found in the dollar spot!   and since they’re sold in pairs you could get enough for all your guests!  but if you’re serving a big crowd, just get one…then plop a couple cheese balls on them for your pre-feast munchies!  those sweet napkin rings and place cards can be found at Home Goods…


and it can’t be Thanksgiving without leftovers!  we make enough to be SURE we have them!  this last favorite is perfect for sending your guests home with what they couldn’t finish…

take home bags

aren’t these the best?  also found in the dollar spot section, these are so darn cute AND inexpensive!  don’t forget the slice of pie boxes…in case your guests were too stuffed to indulge on some sugar!

leftover boxes

so those are a few of my favorite things…just in time for Thanksgiving!

give thanks for favorites…and the weekend!