Flower Power

June 10

If I had to pick one thing to make my spaces feel fresh, look lovely, smell wonderful, and just make me happy…it would have to be fresh flowers!  Whether it’s a huge bouquet or just a tiny one, it really is amazing how those pretty posies can make a room seem joyful!  And it’s almost summer now so we can incorporate pots of wonderful blooms on our patios or any sunny location!  I’m lucky to have some flower gardens in my yard but a lot of our property is in the shade…which doesn’t produce lots of blooming color!  But I find that even vases filled with fern and other foliage can still do wonders for a room!  Of course, you can always stop by the local florists to grab some cut flowers and now the farmers markets are abundant with inexpensive bouquets of what’s currently blooming!  These are great options for when there’s not much to choose from in the yard or for anyone who doesn’t have access to a garden.  So no more excuses!  Go get some cuttings from the yard, a blooming planter, or treat yourself now and again with a bouquet from the store…

see the power of the flower!

when i’m out shopping i sometimes don’t feel like spending extra on a bouquet…but i’m always glad when i do!  anyone who knows me well, also knows i can be pretty thrifty…so when i splurge on flowers you can bet that most often they’re a variety that will last a LONG time!  one of my favorite choices is alstromeria.  not only are they beautiful and come in lots of colors…but they can last for weeks!  this bouquet has been in my house for almost two weeks…and i think they still look pretty good!


right now i don’t have much blooming in my yard.  not that there aren’t any flowers, just not enough to cut a big bouquet!  this is when i love to fill a small container with a variety of what i’ve got AND fill it in with extra greens…those are much more plentiful!  this little basket has two small mason jars nestled inside to hold the water.

basket of flowers

i just love using unexpected containers to hold my flower arrangements…not only are they fun, they often don’t require tons of blossoms to look wonderful!  interesting vessels can help you make small numbers look big!

basket of flowers

i also never feel like my bouquets need to be packed full of petals!  a loose arrangement can look just as beautiful and is pleasingly casual!


it’s still enough to smell great and add a pop of color to my room!


and don’t forget the potted variety…big or small, potted plants will last a long time  if given a sunny spot…and if you remember to water them!  these tiny blooms look just adorable lined up on my desk…

tiny potted plants

the pots are so little that they fit inside my egg cups!  just goes to show you that big isn’t always better!

tiny pot

and my outside spaces aren’t forgotten…i don’t have lots of potted containers in my yard but one or two brightens the outdoor areas just like the flowers inside do!  this urn looks bigger than it really is, it’s only about 8-10″ tall so it didn’t take much to fill it up…but it sure looks lovely to me!

urn with flowers

no elaborate floral arrangements in my home…but a little can go a long way to brighten my day!  adding flowers has the power to create plenty of smiles…guaranteed!

feel the power!

this will be my last regular friday post for a little while.  summer is upon us and i’ll be spending the extra time enjoying my family and soaking up each & every lazy second i can!  i’ll still pop in a friday post from time to time but i’m back to my monday/wednesday summer schedule…for a bit.  if you don’t get notifications, check in…i’ll definitely share some summertime favorites and some recipes for sweet or savory flavors on fridays, just not EVERY one!  hope you all have time to enjoy making lots of summertime memories!