Hunting for Treasure!

July 13

Monday I shared some Michigan beach fun…but I did mention that we spent some time searching for treasure didn’t I?  So whenever we head up north it’s always on the agenda to make a pitstop in Grand Rapids!  Not just because I love to pass by my old apartment, drive by my very first home, or reminisce about my old stomping grounds…but because this city has so much to offer including some wonderfully unique shops!  Even though the town has changed a lot since I lived within its limits, my parents shop here regularly so they’re up to speed on all the best off-the-beaten-path places that really shouldn’t be missed!  Let me share with you some of my old and new favorites…

Grand Rapids treasure trove!

we started off at a sweet little garden shop that boards up its windows to prepare for fall inventory in late July so normally when we visit it’s already closed…but not this time!  Everlasting Blooms has plenty of wonderful treasures within its walls, but since i’m a sucker for a cute fairy garden, i have to say that my favorite sight was the miniature garden goodies…

something whimsical!

fairy garden shop

check out this over-sized fairy garden…oh, if i only had the space!

fairy garden

i’m not sure why i’m so infatuated with these mini landscapes…perhaps because it reminds me of my past doll house days and my love for anything in miniature form!

fairy garden

no matter the reason, they’re just fun to look at!

fairy garden fun

something for the foodie!

i had to pay another visit to a favorite place that i’ve featured before…The Local Epicurean!  this wonderful handcrafted pasta shop is filled with such deliciousness…and this time they’re in a new location!  the happy, red cafe tables on the street were a welcoming sight!

pasta shop

and once inside the doors…a wonderful treat!

pasta shop

stacks of tomato cans along side artisan pasta…

pasta shop

our favorite, squash blossom, wasn’t quite in season yet…but we’ve not yet tried one we didn’t like!


it’s just such a wonderful place to browse…whether you’re a foodie or not!

pasta shop

Local Epicurean

the cases below the dried pastas were filled with fresh pasta, meats & cheeses…yum!


the entire shop is just so quaint…check out the ceiling tiles covered in b&w photos!

wonderful pasta shop

one of my favorites!  make sure you check out the link!

the Local Epicurean

something vintage!

i now have another new favorite place that i won’t miss any time i visit…Blue Door is FILLED with vintage, unique, and handcrafted treasure!

wonderful shopm

what a place to soak in some inspiration!

pretty display

something for everyone…

great displays

cute shop

need crystals?

crystal display

i found all kinds of goodies…and fell in love with some of the display ideas like these wonderful door units!

great display unit

and wouldn’t you know it?  the basement was filled with furniture, pieces & parts, knobs, springs, hinges, moldings, interesting things…i could go on and on!  it was a dream for anyone who likes to craft, create, and re-purpose…it made my knees tingle!

treasure hunting

something soft!

though i only have a couple photos of Michigan Fibre Studio, i really wanted to share them because it was the color through the window that drew me inside!  i LOVE the dressers minus the drawers to house the colorful yarns!  it was so fun to nose around in here…and i don’t knit!  but i did share the pics with a friend who does!!

knitting shop

michigan fibre studio

let’s end with something sweet!

i’m going to share a secret with you…before this trip i had never eaten a macaron!  shocking, i know!  well, i remedied the situation when we paid a visit to this cafe recommended by a friend… and believe me, those delicious treats didn’t disappoint!  check out the colorful selection at le bon Macaron


a pretty place to sit, eat, and people watch!

cute macaron cafe

our goodies included some tasty flavors such as honey lavender, cake batter, nutella, lemon raspberry, chocolate raspberry, and orange creme…we wished we could have tried them ALL!


while we were drooling over the sugar in the cases, my boys were watching a movie.  the idea was that we would take these as a treat to sample when we picked them up from the theater.  but unfortunately for them we couldn’t make it that far…we had to pop open the box in the car!


don’t worry, we managed to save some for the boys!

cake batter macaron

if you’re ever in GR, i hope you can find the time to check out some of these favorites…

but until then, i hope you found plenty of inspiration!

Grand Rapids…filled with treasures!

please check out all the links to these fabulous places!

  1. Cassie

    July 15

    Lori, it looks like you had a wonderful time! I love all those shops too, except I haven’t been to Blue Door – I have got to go there!! So glad you got to visit all those fun shops, and your pictures are gorgeous. I never noticed the B&W photos on the ceiling of Epicurean, good eye!

    • Lori

      July 17

      We did have a wonderful time!! You definitely need to check out Blue Door–you’ll LOVE it! And thanks for directing us to le bon Macaron–they are the BEST!! Look forward to seeing you next time we’re up north!