May Day Delivery

April 25

I hope everyone enjoyed the wonderful, springlike weekend we had!  It didn’t remind me of summer like the previous end of the work week did–but in my opinion, it was almost perfect!  Crisp air paired with hot sunshine…pretty much a dream!  And finally the garden shops are filling up with colorful flowers–just in time for May Day!  I know I got started a tad early last week reminiscing about this fun, and sadly, sometimes forgotten holiday…but if you want to deliver a sweet basket of blooms to someone special–you’ve got this week to get ready!  This Sunday is May Day…and as I promised last week, I’d like to share another really easy way to create a basket full of springtime joy!  So take note and see how simple garden supplies can transform into a smile-maker!

get ready to welcome May!

if you’re feeling like spreading a little joy at the end of this coming weekend…let me share an easy way to make a May Basket!  it doesn’t matter if you want to hand it over face-to-face or secretly hang it on the doorknob for the recipient to find…May Day baskets are a really sweet way to ring in the new season!  one of my favorite ways to make a basket is with simple peat pots from garden centers…

peat pots

they’re inexpensive, come in many sizes, and look so cute & organic!  take the pot of your choice and and create two holes in opposite sides with a paper punch…

peat pot baskets

i used a strand of white ribbon but you can use heavy twine, rope, raffia…anything that can make a basket handle.

making peat pot May baskets

insert the ribbon through the hole in the pot…

making May baskets

and tie a knot on the outside so the ribbon can’t pull through…then repeat on the other side.  you can trim up the ends of the ribbon or twine once you get it knotted.

making May baskets

i printed some simple tags from the computer to add later…

Making May baskets

now for the really fun part…


spring flowers

it doesn’t take many flowers to create a floral basket!  i like to pick up some tiny packs to drop right into the pots.  go ahead and choose anything you like…annuals or perennials are equally nice and the recipient can plant them later in a permanent pot or right in the ground to enjoy all summer long!

Making May baskets

a single 4-pack of pansies can make 2-4 May Baskets depending on the size of peat pot you choose.  mine made two…

making May baskets

i cut the 4-pack in half and easily dropped it right into the pot…

making May baskets

i used a little bit of moss to cover the plastic that stuck out around the edge…

making May baskets

a tiny clip attached my tag…so easy!

making May baskets

and if you choose a flower in a pot that won’t easily slip inside your basket–just remove it and trim down the dirt so it will fit…

potting plants

my favorite way to keep the “basket” clean is to drop the dirt ball into a sandwich baggie!

making May baskets

this will help keep the peat pot from soaking up the moisture AND keep your ribbon handle clean!  of course, peat pots are designed to decompose so potting it up inside is totally ok!  but if you want to keep it tidy, i would give the baggie a try!  plop it down inside, cover the top of the bag with some moss, and you’ve got another cute basket!

making May baskets

when May Day arrives…make some special deliveries!

delivering May baskets

slip the basket on the doorknob of those special recipients and let them discover a springtime surprise!

May basket

take a stroll through the garden centers this week and get ready…

May Day is calling…

  1. Cassie

    April 25

    I love this! My kids used to deliver May Day baskets, but never anything this nice. ;). Thanks for the great ideas, the ones you made are beautiful!

    • Lori

      April 25

      Thank you!! I remember making them as a kid! They were so much fun!!