Paint and a Pineapple…

July 25

I LOVE paint!  It can transform any ordinary item into something special!  It’s really one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to make a decorative change…and in my opinion, there’s not much that’s off limits!  Summer is one of the best times of year to have some fun with the colorful stuff…you can spread out the drop cloth and have at it outside!  I’ve got a long list of items that I’d like to change with a can or two of paint…patio chairs, stools, some metal trays, and flower pots.  But the other day I decided to try something unexpected…a pineapple!  I’m sure you may have seen similar ideas before…if not painted pineapples maybe pumpkins or gourds, but I’ve been on a pineapple kick lately so I thought I’d give the tropical fruit a new look! Even though it’s a temporary display if you use fresh produce, it’s completely worth it…and in many cases, you can still eat it after!  See how easy it is to create something wonderful with paint and a pineapple!

unexpected paint job!

if i’m painting metal, non-typical materials, or something with lots of texture i always go for the spray variety!  spray paint is great for so many different applications and comes in many colors and finishes.  since this craft would be a temporary one, i didn’t bother to use primer.  i happened to have some spray paint in my inventory but if i had needed to buy some i would have purchased the cheapest i could find!  i always recommend using inexpensive materials when you can and splurge on the good stuff for permanent projects!  my photo shows two cans of paint but i only used approximately half a can for the total project!

paint project

i just gave the pineapple a good spray, turning it around and on its side to get all the nooks and crannies!


once it’s totally dry…it’s time to have some fun!  i gathered several choices of greens and blooms from my garden…


once i found a combo i liked, i placed the pineapple on a tray and layered the flowers around the base of the fruit…

flowers and pineapple

i even stuck in some wheat that my parents brought from our farm…i love combining fresh and dried materials!

painted pineapple

it makes such a pretty, summertime centerpiece for my patio!  and the cut leaves AND the flowers lasted a couple days before wilting!

painted pineapple

i even used the pineapple for a special display…a treat for two after a long day of yard work!


the painted fellow looks so cute on the tray of goodies…

goodie tray

…along with some cute paper straws & napkins!  i said i was loving pineapples didn’t i?

pineapple paper straws

i even used a foil sticker to add an embellishment to the wine glasses.  a simple way to incorporate a theme and it’s easily removed later!

pineapple sticker

and i have to mention the to-die-for chocolate truffle cupcakes from Fresh Thyme…so deliciously decadent!!

chocolate truffle cupcake

so this simple paint project created the inspiration for some sips & sweets for two…

sweets & sips

and a pretty centerpiece for a patio gathering…

pineapple centerpiece

…and then we ate it!

check out the crafty blog stalker for more inspiration!

  1. Cassie

    July 25

    I love the painted pineapple!! How inventive!! And your centerpiece is lovely. Very very nice 🙂

    • Lori

      July 25

      Thank you!! It was a fun one to create!