A Pumpkin Decorating Party!

October 9

Pumpkin decorating is one of my favorite things to do in the fall!  Whether it’s carving out spooky grins or painting it up in whimsical color, decorating a pumpkin is such a fun tradition and a great way to get a little creative!  My family always carves a pumpkin a few days before All Hallows’ Eve…but once you slice into that roly poly guy, the days are limited for his survival!  If you’re like me and can’t wait to get decorating the minute the calendar flips to October…a no-carve option is perfect for lasting through the holiday!  And as much fun as it is for me to celebrate this tradition with my family, it can also be a wonderful project to share with friends!  A pumpkin decorating party can be so much fun…and for the grown-ups too! Today I’d like to share a twist on pumpkin decorating that can last through the month and even into November…it’s also the perfect excuse to have some gal-pals in for some seasonal festivity!  You don’t necessarily have to decorate your pumpkin to look spooky…some paper, twine, flowers and glue can turn a craft pumpkin into a fall beauty that could also grace your Thanksgiving table!  So just because October often makes us think of ghosts and ghouls…see how much fun a different take on a traditional party can be!  Boho themed celebrations are all the rage…especially for a ladies night!  So today I’m so thrilled to share with you a cocktail party that includes decorating a pretty pumpkin!  Get crafty and join in on…

pumpkin decorating at a Boho Boo Bash!

i’m so thrilled and honored to be a part of the stylist circle at Black Twine…where you can go to get party inspiration to entertain at home!  i’m sharing some of the details of this newly featured party blueprint…at the end of this post I’ll share more about their site filled with amazing parties!  i hope you enjoy this one…

pumpkin decorating party

pretty invites always set the mood for a party!  i love these beauties designed by my friend at Elva M. Design Studio!

pumpkin decorating party invite

each guest would be creating one of these craft pumpkins to take home!  it’s always a good idea to create a sample prior to the party…this way guests can have a guide to follow and you can make sure you love how it turns out before the party starts!

pumpkin decorating party

the crafting begins…

decoupaging is a wonderful option for no-carve pumpkin decorating!  i gathered some pretty tissue paper, doilies ,paper shapes, stickers and fabric embellishments for guests to work with…

pumpkin decorating

when hosting any kind of craft party, it’s a great idea to cover your surfaces!  a roll of packing paper is perfect for protecting the table, and makes for easy clean-up later!

pumpkin decorating party

at each guest’s seat is a pretty place card and individual containers filled with crafting supplies…

pumpkin decorating

simple mason jars hold a brush and bottle of decoupage glue.  having these basic supplies at each setting makes it much easier for the girls to decorate their pumpkin!

pumpkin decorating

and since my party had a Boho theme, what better to hang over the craft station than a dream catcher!

boho pumpkin party

a really simple but pretty addition to the chandelier!  i hid the hanger by pinning two silk flowers together at the top…

pumpkin decorating party

time for some sipping…

even though it’s a crafting party…it’s still a PARTY!  some fun, seasonal sips were set out on a serve-yourself beverage station!

pumpkin decorating Boho party

i love trying to make beverages easy for guests to help themselves throughout the evening.  if there are special instructions for making a cocktail, print them out or write them on a chalk board…

Boho party drinks

by having instructions and all the ingredients for the cocktails at easy reach, guests can grab a drink whenever they please…or even make a non-alcoholic version!

pumpkin party

i also had a little DIY fun making these SUPER easy stir sticks by topping them with a candy pumpkin…just make a little slit in the candy with a sharp knife before inserting the stick!

pumpkin decorating party drinks

some non-boozy apple pie punch was also offered…and it was an icy beverage for anyone who needed to cool off a bit!

Boho party drinks

pretty paper straws are the easiest way to add fun color to a drink table…

pumpkin decorating Boho party

along with some custom confetti scattered about!

pumpkin decorating party

and a really simple way to add some extra festivity to a tissue tassel garland…tuck a flower through the loop!  it’s those little details that can help your party theme shine…

pumpkin decorating party decor

nibble & munch

no party is complete without some sweets and treats so i filled a rolling cart with simple desserts and munchies!

pumpkin decorating party

i love the chalk decals from Wallies for labeling my goodies!  unlike a sticker…they peel off easily and can be re-used!!

Boho party

it’s always a good idea to serve up some waters…so i tucked an extra container on the bottom of the cart!

boho drinks

pretty cookies and cupcakes look divine stacked on an Amalfi Decor tier surrounded by more of the custom confetti by FestiveFetti!  the perfect addition to any celebration!

pumpkin decorating party

pumpkin decorating party

and these amazing cookies from Crumbs & Crumbles are too pretty to eat!  but never let that stop you from enjoying an amazing dessert!

Boho Cookies

floral details…

and i used more flowers to tuck into the top of my dessert stand!  another easy way to add some Boho flair to the treat table!

pumpkin decorating party cookies

the backdrop for the treat table is made with a door curtain!  i added a skull to the top and surrounded him with a bouquet of silk and fresh flowers…

Boho pumpkin decorating party

using artificial blooms will allow you to decorate ahead of time and simply tuck in the fresh flowers right before the party!

Boho party decorations

simple favors!

since guests were leaving the party with a decorated pumpkin, the favors were on the sweet & simple side!  i piled some tiny boxes in a glass box decorated with flowers and stickers…

pumpkin decorating party favors

and what was inside was a fun little surprise…

party favors

having a pumpkin decorating party can be filled with so much fun and sweet details…and it never has to be difficult!

pumpkin decorating boho party

i’m so thrilled and honored to have styled this party for Black Twine!  if you’re not familiar with them, please check them out to find all the inspiration for party planning you’ll need to create “no sweat” parties at home!  aside from visual inspiration you’ll see DIY instructions, recipes, party tips and secrets, estimated budgets, and all the links to get the goodies!  you can see more of my parties there along with so many other amazing events designed just for you!

pumpkin decorating party

pumpkin decorating for the season will be fun at a…

Bohemian Boo Bash!

a HUGE thank you to all the wonderful vendors who participated in this party~

Amalfi Decor:  tiered dessert stand and decorative trays

Elva M. Design Studio:  invitations and printables

FestiveFetti:  custom confetti

Wallies:  chalk decals

Crumbs & Crumbles:  custom sugar cookies

you can see more of the product information and where to get the goods at Black Twine!

  1. Brenda

    October 9

    I LOVE this so much Lori – the idea of an adult pumpkin decorating party is so much fun. And, those feather cookies are fantastic. Great styling and I adore your porch area.

    • Lori

      October 10

      Thank you so much Brenda!! I really appreciate it friend!

  2. Anonymous

    October 9

    This whole party is gorgeous ! I am loving all the fun party ideas and those pumpkin candy stirrers. So fun.

    • Lori

      October 10

      Oh thank you so much!! I do love simple DIY projects for parties!

  3. This is such a fun take on Halloween! I am all about the boho right now, so this is awesome! Beautiful printables from Elva M. Design, too!

    • Lori

      October 10

      Thank you Holly! I love the Boho vibe too!

  4. Beth

    October 10

    Totally crushing on everything about this party! The Boho twist on this is brilliant!

    • Lori

      October 10

      Aww, thank you so much! I really appreciate it Beth!

  5. I had so much fun creating the printables for this party! Your vision and execution of this party was amazing! It looks fabulous!

    • Lori

      October 11

      Oh I’m so thankful you created those wonderful designs!! You really amaze me my friend! So happy we could work together! xoxo