Stroll Through the Garden…

July 18

I’m sure you can gather from my recent posts that we had a wonderful visit to Michigan…hitting the beaches and getting a little retail therapy in the shops of Grand Rapids, Ludington, and all the places in between!  But we also had time at the end of each day to relax at the home I grew up in.  However, the word “relax” isn’t in my youngest son’s vocabulary so we also spent some of those hours playing whiffle ball in the back yard!  But time in my parent’s yard is wonderful time spent…the garden spaces are filled with beauty and inspiration, a perfect place to unwind and enjoy–after the ball game of course!  I always love to see what new additions might be growing in the garden each time we visit!  And this year my mom was asked if her garden could be on the tour for the local Garden Show, so she had already been working hard to make it picture perfect before we arrived (even though it always looks that way, in my opinion).  I know she’s modestly believing her gardens aren’t what all the ladies might be expecting on the tour that takes place tomorrow…but I think you’ll agree with me when you see the images I’m going to share that hers might actually be the highlight of the show!  Have a peek…

garden inspiration…

little pathways of pleasure are everywhere you look!

garden path

i love the casual clusters of blooms throughout…

garden flowers

and the combinations of color and soft hues don’t just offer inspiration for the outdoors…

garden flowers

plenty of the color combos i use inside my home are taken directly from gardens i love!  from bright & cheerful…

garden flowers

to the softer shades of pale…


there’s something about yellow that just make me happy!

garden flowers

as you step up onto the weathered beams you enter the small paths leading you through all the beauty…


garden stroll

garden path

i love the contrast of spiked grasses and foliage!

garden grasses

…and all that color!

garden phlox


love this one…

garden flowers

there’s a casual elegance to the garden.  soft, sweeping greens…


to manicured clusters…

flower garden

garden flowers

i think it’s so charming…

garden steps

even a whimsical gnome garden tucked in!

fairy garden

i don’t know about you, but i believe the Garden Club ladies are in for a pleasant surprise!

garden flowers

i hope you enjoyed the stroll through my mother’s garden!

let your spirit bloom!