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The Power of the Flower

September 12

When my family arrived last Friday to help us celebrate the centennial of our home, my parents brought with them bucket loads of cut flowers from their gardens!  Now I knew my mom was going to cut some of her blooms so that I would have some fresh flowers for the party…but I didn’t expect how many actually showed up!  Several weeks ago I shared my mom’s beautiful gardens…I guess I should have known that there would be plenty pretty posies for cutting!  I LOVE using flowers whenever I can…they just seem to make any space look lively and fresh and can make any event look grand!  It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a full blown celebration or just a casual dinner at home, a bouquet of flowers can do wonders!  I definitely planned on using several bouquets for our gathering, but was AMAZED at what I was actually able to work with…thanks to my mom & dad!  So before I share ALL the centennial fun, I’d like to show you how we created some sweet and simple bouquets that did more than just look pretty!

beautiful & bountiful blooms…