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Semi-Homemade Halloween Treats!

October 23

Halloween is such a fun holiday to make whimsical treats and goodies for your family and friends!  Those of you who know me well know how much I love semi-homemade treats…a really quick and easy way to create a “custom” dessert on a dime!  Grocery stores today offer so many wonderful choices of cakes, cookies, and other baked goods that you really can’t go wrong…and you’ll save some time and money too!  If you’re hosting a Halloween party or just want to treat some hungry kiddos with a spooktacular snack…let me share with you a fun and whimsical way to dress up a purchased cupcake that will make your guests howl with delight!  Get ready for some bone-chilling fun with these sweet toppers!

semi-homemade Halloween!

Time for Treats!

October 5

Last week was a bit on the dreary side…but weirdly, I kind of like days like those.  Not that I don’t adore the sunshine, but a dark and chilly day offers the perfect opportunity to fire up the oven and do some baking or cooking…leaving your home smelling heavenly!  So that said, I took the opportunity to try some new and completely easy recipes for some fall-inspired treats!  The cool weather seems to call for us to gather around the fire and share conversation with family & friends…AND nibble on delights from the kitchen!  I love to be prepared for impromptu guests or even those moments where the kids are content to hang out and actually participate in conversation!  Setting out some treats and munchies can be a tactic to keep them around us a bit longer and keep the conversations flowing!  (nothing like a little bribery!)  And when guests come calling, the same applies!  Even though it’s easier to keep some packaged treats in the pantry, I do love serving homemade sweets whenever possible!  So today I’m going to share some tasty nibbles that are as easy as they are delicious!  So “hello fall”…

it’s kitchen time!

Shadows of Halloween…

November 2

So another Halloween has come and gone…but before we move on, I’d like to reflect on some of the fun!  One thing I love about entertaining & decorating is that you can take ideas from one holiday and make them work for another!  So whenever I’m checking out other blogs or Pinterest boards, I try to think how I might be inspired for future celebrations…like trading orange and black banners for red and green, or chips served in a cauldron might find themselves spilling from a cornucopia!   For me, this past weekend was full of future inspiration potential!  With Halloween falling on Saturday we had the entire weekend planned with festivities…one of which was a Friday night bonfire at our home!  A chilling evening for sure…not just with the “spooky” treats but the weather tried to trick us with spine chilling breezes!  But the kids weren’t phased by the temperatures and the evening was filled with fun and Halloween whimsy for all!  Have a look at the holiday joy and I hope you can find your own inspiration…for celebrations on the horizon or tricks and treats for next year!

a glimpse of Halloween past…