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A Moroccan Soiree!

November 20

There are two things I love to do when having a dinner party…dining outdoors and serving up some Moroccan delights!  My husband lived in Morocco as a child while his father worked for the government.  They were fortunate to have a cook during their time there and learned to love the native cuisine!  When we got married, one of our most cherished gifts from his parents was a Moroccan cookbook, but written inside on many of the pages were the original recipes of the talented lady who taught them to love the food there!  We’ve been making those recipes ever since…in fact, I’m not sure we’ve actually ever tried one of the recipes from the actual book!  My boys have grown up like my husband, loving the flavors and the tradition of dining Moroccan!  I’m so thrilled to share with you today another party I styled for Black Twine…a Moroccan soiree!  You can grab the blueprint for the party with all the time-saving tips, links to get the goodies and even get some of my family’s favorite recipes…straight from well used pages of our cherished book!  Come share the fun…

dine in the outdoors…Moroccan style!