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April 15

Even though we’ve had the weirdest weather recently, preparations for spring and summer must move forward!  We were teased with summer-like temperatures early on only to have spirits crushed by freezing winds and even snow!  But the reality is that spring and summer will eventually get here and I need to be ready to plant my garden when they do!  Each year my family decides what veggies we’re going to plant in our tiny garden…and though we now stick to mostly planting our favorites, we always try one new addition!  But this year we’re trying something we’ve never done before when it comes to planting…we’re starting most of our garden from seed!  So when we got home from our trip to DC I literally froze my fingers off at the potting table trying to get this garden started!  No matter the cold temps, working with dirt is a messy job so it HAD to be done outdoors!  But the wonderful thing was knowing that these tiny seeds would soon be a reminder of what’s to come…sprouts mean springtime!  And while we wait until they’re big enough to plant in the ground we had some fun with another whimsical project involving seeds…

it’s time to start planting!