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Winter Treats

January 8

Winter treats are the perfect way to beat the winter blues!  Now that the holiday festivities are over it seems everyone is ready to freshen up, organize spaces, get moving, and cut back on the sugary desserts…at least for a while!  I’m right there with the majority trying to accomplish these January goals…but I just can’t completely forgo the goodies!  Because I’m generally an everything-in-moderation kind of gal, I’m still going to occasionally serve up the sweets for my family and friends to indulge on while we brave the winter!  And since it seems that almost the entire nation has been in a deep freeze for most of the holiday break, I decided to serve some January goodies that would reflect this current weather situation!  To keep our spirits up while we were hunkered down indoors I whipped up some sweet, winter fun by setting up a simple dessert table that would even satisfy Jack Frost!  So if you need some party inspiration or just want to celebrate a snow day…check out the fun!

baby it’s cold outside…so stay inside for winter treats!