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Cinco De Mayo Snack Cart!

April 27

Cinco De Mayo is just over a week away!  It’s such a fun and festive holiday to celebrate with friends or family…and it never needs to be overwhelming!  The best part about a fiesta is that anything goes, the food can be so simple and yet so tasty, and you REALLY can find whimsical ways to pull off a party-time snack table on a dime!  Let me share with you some ways I recycled my Cinco De Mayo supplies from our family fiesta to create a snack cart for hungry kids…or anyone who wants to have a little May 5 fun!  I’m also including more super simple DIY projects…so come on, let’s get ready to fiesta!

easy, affordable, fiesta fun!

Cinco De Mayo Sneak Peek…

April 20

Easter is now behind us and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  But just because all the bunny inspired decorations and activities are over doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of springtime festivities ahead!  I’m referring to the colorful celebrations of Cinco De Mayo…but spring is filled with plenty of opportunities to have some extra fun!  We’ve all been so ready to ditch the snow shovels and fling open the windows that we need nothing more than the sweet signs of warm weather to throw an “everyday” party to rejoice in the new season!  So while I’m sharing some sneak views of what I’ve got planned for the 5th of May, these fun & simple ideas can help you decorate and celebrate for any occasion!  The next couple weeks will be filled with fiesta-style inspiration…spring & summer are the perfect seasons for colorful festivities & decor!  See what’s coming…

time for a fiesta!

It’s Time for a Fiesta!

May 4

Tomorrow is the 5th of May–Cinco De Mayo!  I’d mentioned on Monday how busy the month of May can be…and it seems like there’s more than enough on everyone’s plate these days when it comes to every member of my family!  As the kids have gotten older it just seems commonplace to be super busy, something I’m SLOWLY getting used to!  None-the-less, I’m determined to have a Cinco De Mayo celebration and have been preparing my decorations for days now!  So I’m sharing the fiesta fun that will brighten our table tomorrow…and since everything was already prepared, I took a trial run so I could snap some pics before hand!  I hope you can find some inspiration from my holiday decor–have a peek at our

Cinco De Mayo celebration!

Balloon Chandelier!

April 27

I’ve been having so much fun with balloons lately…they’re so festive, inexpensive, and perfect for more than just birthday parties!  While preparing for some Cinco De Mayo merry making, I created a colorful, hanging balloon centerpiece for our little celebration.  And though May 5th is a week away, I wanted to share this decoration now since a whimsical balloon chandelier could work for any event!  It’s really easy to assemble and will last for days…maybe even weeks…so you can make it ahead and check one thing off the party to-do list!  So if you’ve got an occasion that could use some easy festivity…take a peek at how simple it can be to make

a colorful & festive chandelier…