Cupid Season…

January 18

As you probably now know, one of my most favorite things to do is help my friend Amy at Alice-Louise Press change her displays for the seasons!  It’s such a fun day for me…I get to spend time with my pal, get a little creative, rearrange furniture, and check out first hand all the new goodies she gets in!  We’d already done a display “quick fix” after the Christmas season was over…but it was time to add a little Valentines joy AND start making room for wedding season!  So last Sunday afternoon we filled the hours changing it all up…

see what’s new…

it’s nearing the end of January so it was time to invite cupid in!  i love this display filled with minty greens and pinks for a prettier-in-pastel version of the holiday!

valentines display

i LOVE these classroom valentines and was wishing i still needed to get some!


plenty of choices for sending cheer…and for everyday greetings she’s cornered the market with some fun originals!  you need to come in and read ’em!

valentines cards

i’m so in love with the selection of adorable, handmade aprons created by Amy’s mom!  i want one for Valentines!


of course, we couldn’t do Valentines without some traditional red…and there’s plenty of it in this sweet little vignette!

valentines display

lots of brand new goodies too, like the moon series:  calendars, sweatshirts, twinkle moon lights & vintage lighting…enchanting!


but one of my favorites of the day was an area we carved out for brides and clients to sip on some coffee and browse through her lovely letterpress books…

wedding table

the table and chairs are sandwiched between two wedding displays filled with gifts, favors, table numbers, custom champagne flutes, and more…oh, and a little coffee bar!


i wish i had more photos to share, but we were in such a busy-creative mode i honestly forgot to snap some pics until we were ready to leave!   our helpers didn’t really help much…

sleeping dog

if you’re in the Toledo area stop on in and check out all the new fun!  and if you live far, far away you can visit her online shop that is now up and running!  you can find the link here so you don’t have to miss out on the festivity!  she has so many wonderful letterpress and other original creations you really need to check it out!

Alice-Louise Press…my favorite!

  1. Anonymous

    January 18

    Love the Valentine’s Day cards and all the displays! I’ll definitely have to swing by the store!

    • Lori

      January 18

      Thanks!! You should stop by…there’s so much fun inside those doors!