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Cupid Season…

January 18

As you probably now know, one of my most favorite things to do is help my friend Amy at Alice-Louise Press change her displays for the seasons!  It’s such a fun day for me…I get to spend time with my pal, get a little creative, rearrange furniture, and check out first hand all the new goodies she gets in!  We’d already done a display “quick fix” after the Christmas season was over…but it was time to add a little Valentines joy AND start making room for wedding season!  So last Sunday afternoon we filled the hours changing it all up…

see what’s new…

Decking the Halls

November 9

On what might have been the warmest day of the week, what was I doing?  Decorating for Christmas of course!  It was pretty funny that while we were working feverishly to decorate Alice-Louise Press with holiday festivity…we were actually feeling feverish due to the heat!  No complaints, however…I got to enjoy a beautiful day while decorating for the most festive season with my good friends AND with the shop windows wide open!  Not a bad Monday!  And by the end of the day the store was transformed into a holiday wonderland…filled with unique gifts, holiday cards and invites, and decorations to get your home ready for the season!  Take a peek at the magic…

Christmas has arrived…

Shop Time!

September 30

Happy Friday everyone!  This has certainly been a busy week for me and I’m glad to see the weekend finally arrive!  I played a little blogging hooky on Wednesday to make room for several opportunities and obligations…and I have to admit, some free time!  We all need that every now and again!  But even though the week was an extraordinarily busy one, every second of what occupied it was worth it!  One of my favorite “jobs” of the week was helping at my favorite shop…Alice-Louise Press!  It was time to dress the windows and “spooky” up the place in preparations for all the October fun!  Last year the shop had barely opened it’s doors before Halloween was almost over…so we weren’t going to let the whimsical holiday pass us by without stepping it up a notch!  Decorating for holidays is fun no matter where you do it…at home, in the classroom, or in a shop!  So if you’re feeling in the mood for some Halloween inspiration, you need a unique gift, or you want jaw dropping invitations (for a spooky event possibly?)…stop in and see what’s new in the letterpress studio!  And if you’re not in the Toledo/Perrysburg area, check out the link to see all the goodies this wonderful shop offers!  Today I’ll share a peek at the Halloween fun…

even a shop can play dress up!

Shop Talk!

May 25

Now that all my After Prom responsibilities have ended, I’m feeling like my life is getting back to normal!  I’ve now had a chance to attempt to catch up on laundry, house cleaning, yard work, and of course taking care of my family!  But I’ve also had some time to work on my Giggle creations and get back to Alice-Louise Press to help revamp the window and some displays!  I can’t tell you how much I LOVE doing this!  Since I was a visual merchandiser in my life before kids, it’s so much fun to once again have a chance to create fun vignettes with all the lovely things in the shop!  And bonus, I got to spend time with my friends!  I spent yesterday chatting and catching up on all the events that transpired over the past couple weeks, eating delicious PerrysBurger hamburgers, and spending time in Downtown Perrysburg…which actually makes me feel like I’m on vacation even though we were working!  It was a beautiful, summer-like day to get the shop ready for the Farmer’s Market happening on Thursday…another wonderful reason to head on down to Louisiana Ave.!  Have a look at the fun we had…

setting up shop!

Ready for your Close-Up?

May 16

The other day I was so completely flattered when my dear, and extremely talented friend asked me to help her with some photographs for her product catalog!  I’m really not a professional photographer…but I do enjoy taking pictures for the blog and was THRILLED that she asked!  Throughout the past year I’ve mentioned Alice-Louise Press many times.  Not only do I sell my Giggle creations along side other wonderful merchandise in the fabulous shop…but it’s there that my friend Amy designs the most beautiful and unique letterpress creations!  It is now wedding and graduation season–completely crazy busy for anyone in the letterpress and specialty printing business…but amazingly in her spare time, she whipped together a new line of merchandise that she’ll be promoting in New York this week!  I’ve shared a sneak peek of her designs in my “favorites” and on Instagram but now that she’s already off to NY, she gave me the “thumbs up” to share our photo shoot fun in greater detail!  The cat’s out of the bag now and I’m so excited to take part in revealing this fabulous line of lovely, funny, sweet, even sassy paper bags!  Whether you need to wrap a bottle of wine, fill some treat bags with party favors, or just pack the most adorable lunch sacks you’ve ever seen…Alice-Louise Press is the place to go!  AND these bags will soon be on the shelves of many retailers so everyone can get their hands on some!  I know you all will love them as much as I do…there’s really something for everyone!  Even though my part was so minuscule, I really can’t express how much fun it was to be involved in this process!  Let me share a glimpse of what’s in the new catalog…

photo shoot fun!

Five Dollar Favorites!

April 4

I Hope everyone had a wonderful spring break…if you had a break last week!  We rolled in last night from Washington DC…always a fun time and the best part–the cherry blossoms were still blooming!  It was my first time seeing them in all their glory and I can’t wait to share all the beautiful sights later this week!  But in the meantime…when I find wonderful little trinkets and treasures–I just HAVE to share them!  And today the fun things I’m sharing are all under five dollars!!  I love to have fabulous go-to items for gift giving and entertaining…you never know when you may need a quick hostess gift or a favor!  And I’m also thrilled when I can find economical goodies that look like a million!  Spring is finally here, ready and waiting for all those patio & backyard gatherings to begin…so you might need some goodies to make your party complete or to give a token of thanks to that special host!  Let me share with you some five dollar favorites you may want to add to your list!

love it big…spend little!

Stuff the Stocking!

December 7

It’s so much fun to search for all those little tokens to pop into stockings!  I think I almost love filling those fuzzy socks on the mantle almost more than placing the packages under the tree…when Santa’s running behind of course!  I sometimes like to use mini stockings to fill in place of a gift for my friends or family…especially when I find several little goodies that are just right for the recipient!  Besides, it’s a fun alternative to spill open that sweet sock and see all the wonderful trinkets hidden inside!  For me, the stocking is so fun because it’s not just filled with little treats but that they’re not associated with monetary value and are far from being the most popular gift on the market…they’re just thoughtful tokens of love and appreciation!  So I’ve found some little goodies that will make their way into many of the stockings I’ll be filling this year!  I’d like to share these with you…just in case you see something you love, you’ll have plenty of time to go out and get it!  Or, simply find some inspiration for the stockings you’ll be stuffing this season…

fill ’em up with tiny trinkets of joy!

Favorite Things

November 13

Even though the brisk winds were blowing last night…they weren’t strong enough to keep the holiday shoppers from missing the joy!  At least it wasn’t snowing!  But if you missed the Downtown Perrysburg Holiday Open House yesterday, not to worry!  It’s only mid November so plenty of the goodies offered last night will still be in the shops throughout the season!  Today I’d like to share some of my favorite things from Alice-Louise Press!  We still have plenty of time to gather all our Christmas supplies and find the perfect gifts or stocking stuffers…but I’ll make it even easier for you to get your treasures early by sharing some goods from one of my most favorite shops!

these are a few of my favorite things…

Holiday Open House

November 11

Even though it’s only mid-November you know the time has come to start thinking about Christmas!  I never like to bypass Thanksgiving…in fact, you might remember that my extended family is coming to my house this year so I’m very excited about all the feasting preparations!  But you’ve got to admit, many of us start dreaming about the enchantment of Christmas the second the Halloween decorations come down!  So that said, my Giggle Holiday Show will take place at Alice-Louise Press this year as part of the Perrysburg Holiday Open House!  I’m so excited to be included and have been busy working to get my Giggle holiday goodies done in time!  It’s really been fun to crank up the Christmas tunes while I’m working away…even though I’ve noticed some raised eyebrows from my boys!  So even though I’m a bit focused on holly and candy canes right now, I promise to spend the remainder of the month on Thanksgiving tabletops, favors, and festive ideas for gathering together to celebrate all our blessings!  But this week it’s about Christmas…

a little holiday preview!

Getting Ready…

September 30

I’m so thrilled to be putting my Giggle creations in my friend Amy’s new shop!  Alice-Louise Press will be opening tomorrow in downtown Perrysburg…you really need to check it out because it’s a wonderful addition to the Toledo area and I know when you see it you will fall in love!  And even though Giggle is just a tiny part of this lovely store, I can hardly contain my excitement of being able to be there and help!  So some of my time this week has put me in the midst of her preparations…feeling a tad envious as it reminds me of The Shop Around the Corner–the fantasy of every “shop girl”!  But it was truly a treat to take part in preparing her window dressings (and she has brilliant ideas by the way!), organize my Giggle merchandise, help with shop displays…and get some fabulous sneak peeks at her new lines AND her printing presses!  All I can say is “wow!”  My advice to all of you who live in the Toledo area–go see Alice-Louise Press.  I know you’ll love it!  Here’s a little peek at her labor of love…as the clock is ticking!

getting ready for October 1!