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Hooray for the Red, White & Blue!

July 1

I normally take most Fridays off during the summer, but today I’d like to share some simple treats for the holiday!  It’s always fun to serve up some red, white, and blue goodies to put everyone in a festive mood…no matter how busy your 4th of July schedule may be!  Have a peek at the sweets we dished out to some active kids…easy, yummy, inexpensive, and definitely patriotic!  I hope you can find some inspiration for your stars and stripes weekend!

Have a Happy 4th of July!

Festive Favorites!

June 27

The Fourth of July really snuck up on me…I can hardly believe that it’s only one week away!  It seems like just yesterday I was gathering up my patriotic goodies for Memorial Day weekend and here it is time to break out the red, white, and blue once again!  This week I’ll be sharing some fun products, recipes, and holiday ideas that my family will be enjoying over the long and festive weekend ahead!  And even though we still have a final baseball tournament to attend, I have some really easy 4th of July celebrations planned to squeeze in between games!  Today it’s all about simple items to create a party atmosphere…even if there’s no official “party”!  Have a peek at some favorites…

faves to make a festive 4th!

Favorite Things

May 20

Anyone who knows me understands that I won’t turn down a chance to have a celebration!  That doesn’t mean I’m throwing big bashes all the time…or even little ones for that matter.  What it DOES mean however, is that I love to make even ordinary situations feel like something special…it just makes me happy and I hope it makes others happy too!  So whether it’s an after school treat, a simple dinner with family and friends, the arrival of a new season, or casual gatherings on the patio after a long day of sporting activities or yard work, I LOVE to make the most of it!  Clearly, the most important part of any gathering is the people involved…but it also doesn’t take much to add some festivity with simple supplies you can keep on hand!  With summer in mind, I’d like to share some favorites that I recently added to my party drawer…a small space where I keep extra paper plates, napkins, and other inexpensive goodies to grab when I have a notion!  Check out these favorite things that I can’t wait to use at my next everyday celebration!

bright & colorful summertime inspiration!

Favorite Things

February 15

So Valentine’s Day is over…and I’m hoping you all had a wonderful holiday weekend spending time with those who are most special to you!  And since today is President’s Day, hopefully you’re also able to extend your weekend with some extra hours of leisure!  I spent the last few days not just celebrating Happy Hearts with my family, but scraping and painting our foyer and upstairs hallway…I’m sure you’re jealous, right?  Seriously, I kind of enjoy home improvement projects…especially when my husband and I work together to fix things up and cross them off the never-ending list of things to-do!  It reminds me of when we were first married and spent pretty much all of our free time rolling up our sleeves and sprucing up the spaces in the place we called home!  And at the end of our day we’d find ourselves sitting on the drop cloth covered floor, dressed in tattered paint clothes, eating pizza with a glass of wine, and admiring the hard work we’d accomplished so far…those really were wonderful days!  And I’m happy to say that our Valentine weekend was much the same with the exception of the meal…we devoured several rolls of sushi in place of the pie!  And the other exception, we had cheerleaders this time…shockingly, the boys opted out of helping but were happy to give the occasional “thumbs up” at our progress!  Anyway, enough of my sentimental chatter today…what really drove me to repaint was the fact that I’m truly wishing for some springtime!  I’m ready for bright, I’m ready for cheerful, I’m ready for fresh.  My foyer, while cozy, has been a dark, chocolaty brown for a LONG time…and I just needed a change!  So today I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite things…which have NOTHING to do with the paint project but have the same effect!  Some wonderful goodies to bring spring and summer to mind…until it actually gets here!  OR you could go paint some walls…but picking up one or two of these treasures is much easier!

get inspired for spring!

Stuff the Stocking!

December 7

It’s so much fun to search for all those little tokens to pop into stockings!  I think I almost love filling those fuzzy socks on the mantle almost more than placing the packages under the tree…when Santa’s running behind of course!  I sometimes like to use mini stockings to fill in place of a gift for my friends or family…especially when I find several little goodies that are just right for the recipient!  Besides, it’s a fun alternative to spill open that sweet sock and see all the wonderful trinkets hidden inside!  For me, the stocking is so fun because it’s not just filled with little treats but that they’re not associated with monetary value and are far from being the most popular gift on the market…they’re just thoughtful tokens of love and appreciation!  So I’ve found some little goodies that will make their way into many of the stockings I’ll be filling this year!  I’d like to share these with you…just in case you see something you love, you’ll have plenty of time to go out and get it!  Or, simply find some inspiration for the stockings you’ll be stuffing this season…

fill ’em up with tiny trinkets of joy!

Spooktacular Favorites

September 2

It’s no secret that I LOVE fall…especially Halloween!  I can’t help but start swirling ideas around in my head as early as late August and begin searching out wonderful inspiration for decorating and party possibilities!  Not wanting to waste the last days of summer consumed with the seasons to come, I do try and refrain from moving ahead too quickly–but sometimes that’s a hard little thing to do!  I don’t really want to jump the gun on another holiday–but since these great goodies I found at Home Goods may not be around very long…I feel the need to share sooner than later!  You know the deal at store like these–if you see something you love you’d better pounce!  If you wait to think about it…you’re little discovery may sadly be long gone.  On one of my regular trips to this favorite store of mine, I unintentionally discovered some Halloween treats that I just had to have.  And in my searching, came home with not only my goodies but tons of inspiration for the autumn season!  Have a peek at some holiday favorites…and then, maybe plan a trip to the store!

splendid, spooky supplies…

Favorite Things

February 20

Not to jump the gun or anything–but when we find adorable things when we’re out and about it’s often worth sharing before they might be gone!  We’ve got plenty of time to get prepared for Easter but take a peek at these sweet dishes…you might want to run out and get some of your own for all your holiday entertaining!   Fun finds are always plentiful at Home Goods…but time is of the essence!  If you see what you love…grab it ’cause it probably won’t be there long!  So let’s cut to the chase–if you want some cute, simple, and whimsical accessories on your Easter table or buffet take a peek…then go get yours!

 a Giggle favorite for Easter!