Festive Favorites!

June 27

The Fourth of July really snuck up on me…I can hardly believe that it’s only one week away!  It seems like just yesterday I was gathering up my patriotic goodies for Memorial Day weekend and here it is time to break out the red, white, and blue once again!  This week I’ll be sharing some fun products, recipes, and holiday ideas that my family will be enjoying over the long and festive weekend ahead!  And even though we still have a final baseball tournament to attend, I have some really easy 4th of July celebrations planned to squeeze in between games!  Today it’s all about simple items to create a party atmosphere…even if there’s no official “party”!  Have a peek at some favorites…

faves to make a festive 4th!

i gathered a selection of some of my favorite finds for some holiday fun…

holiday products

i always sing the praises of paper products!  not only are they super plentiful and cute, but they’re affordable AND disposable!  these darling plates, cups, & straws will make any holiday BBQ, snack, dessert, or beverage ring in the holiday in patriotic style!  and remember that paper cups are good for more than just drinks…they make great containers for munchies like popcorn & trail mix or even for holding the individual makings for a s’more!  i found this selection of star spangled goodies at one of my favorite places, Home Goods…

holiday paper products

i just love the straws with the glitter star that you slide on yourself!  i’m going to try to remember to remove the ones that don’t get used and pop them onto an hors d’oeuvres skewer for another celebration…like New Year’s Eve. perhaps?

holiday straws

i also picked up some matching cupcake liners (not pictured above)…and i love these for holding more than cupcakes!  a really easy and cute idea for presenting a treat is to just plop it into a liner and stack them up on a platter or pedestal!  i actually do this a lot when serving cookies or treats when the boys have friends over…

cookies in cupcake liners

it’s such a simple thing and can make easy work of coordinating a party or simply using up leftover liners…and making any baked or purchased treat look special!

holiday cookies

let’s get noisy!

these adorable paper horns (also from Home Goods) are too cute!  i can’t decide whether to put them out with the sparklers & smoke bombs or use them in a craft.  we’ll see…

party horns

and speaking of sparkle…these patriotic mini lights from the dollar spot at Target will be so fun to tuck into a mason jar for my holiday table!

red, white, & blue mini lights

but by far the easiest thing to do for my holiday…put some patriotic wrapped goodies in a jar for snacking!  i love that so many candy companies produce specialty colors or wrappers for almost every holiday!

holiday kit kats

it’s so festive and you can find plenty of family favorites!  my boys love Kit Kats and i’m loving the s’mores version of the m&m…yum!  holiday candy can also serve double-duty as favors…have your guests fill up one of the paper cups with goodies before they go!

holiday candy

i hope you found some easy inspiration for your holiday activities…and wish for everyone to have plenty of

star spangled holiday fun!