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Holiday Party Favorites

November 16

Thanksgiving is just over a week away…and you know that means Christmas festivities will soon begin!  In fact, some people celebrate both holidays at the traditional feast, especially if this is the only occasion they can get together!  So I don’t really believe I’m rushing by sharing a couple holiday favorites now…giving you time to go out and grab them before they’re gone!  I love to entertain, and it’s especially fun during the holidays when the celebrations just seem to be extra festive!  But I also love easy decorations and disposable party supplies which make set up AND clean up a breeze!  Take a peek at a couple of goodies that are just right for celebrations without putting a dent in your Christmas budget…

easy, festive faves!

Favorite Things

May 20

Anyone who knows me understands that I won’t turn down a chance to have a celebration!  That doesn’t mean I’m throwing big bashes all the time…or even little ones for that matter.  What it DOES mean however, is that I love to make even ordinary situations feel like something special…it just makes me happy and I hope it makes others happy too!  So whether it’s an after school treat, a simple dinner with family and friends, the arrival of a new season, or casual gatherings on the patio after a long day of sporting activities or yard work, I LOVE to make the most of it!  Clearly, the most important part of any gathering is the people involved…but it also doesn’t take much to add some festivity with simple supplies you can keep on hand!  With summer in mind, I’d like to share some favorites that I recently added to my party drawer…a small space where I keep extra paper plates, napkins, and other inexpensive goodies to grab when I have a notion!  Check out these favorite things that I can’t wait to use at my next everyday celebration!

bright & colorful summertime inspiration!

Five Dollar Favorites!

April 4

I Hope everyone had a wonderful spring break…if you had a break last week!  We rolled in last night from Washington DC…always a fun time and the best part–the cherry blossoms were still blooming!  It was my first time seeing them in all their glory and I can’t wait to share all the beautiful sights later this week!  But in the meantime…when I find wonderful little trinkets and treasures–I just HAVE to share them!  And today the fun things I’m sharing are all under five dollars!!  I love to have fabulous go-to items for gift giving and entertaining…you never know when you may need a quick hostess gift or a favor!  And I’m also thrilled when I can find economical goodies that look like a million!  Spring is finally here, ready and waiting for all those patio & backyard gatherings to begin…so you might need some goodies to make your party complete or to give a token of thanks to that special host!  Let me share with you some five dollar favorites you may want to add to your list!

love it big…spend little!

Favorite Things

February 15

So Valentine’s Day is over…and I’m hoping you all had a wonderful holiday weekend spending time with those who are most special to you!  And since today is President’s Day, hopefully you’re also able to extend your weekend with some extra hours of leisure!  I spent the last few days not just celebrating Happy Hearts with my family, but scraping and painting our foyer and upstairs hallway…I’m sure you’re jealous, right?  Seriously, I kind of enjoy home improvement projects…especially when my husband and I work together to fix things up and cross them off the never-ending list of things to-do!  It reminds me of when we were first married and spent pretty much all of our free time rolling up our sleeves and sprucing up the spaces in the place we called home!  And at the end of our day we’d find ourselves sitting on the drop cloth covered floor, dressed in tattered paint clothes, eating pizza with a glass of wine, and admiring the hard work we’d accomplished so far…those really were wonderful days!  And I’m happy to say that our Valentine weekend was much the same with the exception of the meal…we devoured several rolls of sushi in place of the pie!  And the other exception, we had cheerleaders this time…shockingly, the boys opted out of helping but were happy to give the occasional “thumbs up” at our progress!  Anyway, enough of my sentimental chatter today…what really drove me to repaint was the fact that I’m truly wishing for some springtime!  I’m ready for bright, I’m ready for cheerful, I’m ready for fresh.  My foyer, while cozy, has been a dark, chocolaty brown for a LONG time…and I just needed a change!  So today I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite things…which have NOTHING to do with the paint project but have the same effect!  Some wonderful goodies to bring spring and summer to mind…until it actually gets here!  OR you could go paint some walls…but picking up one or two of these treasures is much easier!

get inspired for spring!

Shot Through the Heart!

February 10

While wandering around in Target…(I swear you can get as much inspiration there as you can by scrolling through Pinterest boards!)…I stumbled upon these adorable Arrow & Heart Kits for kids to to craft with.  They consisted of simplistic foam shapes, intended for small hands, but I LOVED the idea!  And after purchasing some of the sweetest paper hearts at one of my other favorite places (Alice-Louise Press), I knew right then exactly what I was going to do with them!  Have a look at these fun and whimsical arrows, shot through the pretty paper hearts that will crown some dinner plates for a Valentine’s Day Meal!

DIY holiday place cards…

Favorite Things…

January 20

It’s mid January and, for some of us, about that time of year for feeling the winter blues.  But I’ve got just the fix for those dreary days…some favorite finds that will be sure to bring on the happiness!  Great goodies for pampering yourself, entertaining friends, or offering to those that might need some cheer!  AND Valentine’s Day is less than a month away now so it’s time to start thinking of heartfelt trinkets to dish out to all those sweethearts on your list!  Have a peek at some favorites I picked up for all of the above…simple gifts for my family, my home, and my friends with the goal of creating opportunities to celebrate not just the holiday but winter itself!  I will, of course, share where I found all at the end of the post…so get ready to grab some

wonderful winter pick-me-ups!

Black & White Holiday

November 23

If you had to pick two colors that scream Christmas I bet you might not choose black and white!  I LOVE traditional holiday colors and will always use them in my home…but this year I decided to decorate a little differently!  The color palette in my house is pretty neutral and that makes it easy to change it up for any season…so a little black and white Christmas is in the works!  It really is a fun, new color combo for the holidays…you see plenty of it in the stores which makes it even easier to get inspired AND find great items!  At Christmastime I always create an advent for my boys and this year my tiny sun room will host the tiny gifts hanging…all dressed up in their black & whites!  This is a great space to decorate in non-traditional color…it’s not the biggest of rooms and it’s not the first thing you see when you walk into our home–so I can feel free to experiment a little!  And the greatest thing…black & white looks good with ANY color so I can add other hues to make my Christmas really shine!

try a little B&W this holiday!

Favorite Holiday Deals…

November 18

Okay…I’m addicted to the dollar bins at Target!  I can’t help myself when I walk into the store…they just lure me in hoping to find that perfect bargain!  The good thing is (or maybe it’s a bad thing) I always seem to find something!  I guess at a dollar or two I can’t often go wrong so I’ll continue to search in those glorious little racks…and though I’m quite certain most of you look there too, I’ll still share my favorites–just in case!  Since I also have a passion for plaid…these latest found treasures are perfect for all my upcoming holiday gatherings!  Have a peek…and if you see something you like–you better go get ’em before they’re gone!

perfectly priced plaid!

Holiday Place Card DIY…

November 16

Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or just enjoying the togetherness of a family meal…any gathering around the table is truly a special event!  And since it seems harder to do than in generations before us, I really love the times that I can make a meal shared together look as wonderful as it really is!  With Thanksgiving on its way, many of us will have just this opportunity to fancy-up a table to celebrate all our blessings and those we hold dear!  My inspiration for this year’s place cards I’ll be making for my holiday table came when I was cleaning out my cupboards a while back.  You might remember I found all sorts of little containers buried behind closed doors.  I also had duplicate, and sometimes triplicate containers of spices…clearly I don’t double check when I construct a grocery list!  And as I was getting ready to trash some of the extra spice containers it came to me…the inspiration to create something special for the gals who will be seated at my table!  Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan for the guys too!  And during a season to be giving thanks…I’m thankful I didn’t throw these supplies away!

 say “hello” to holiday recycling!