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That’s a Holiday Wrap!

October 3

Now that October is officially here it’s time to start thinking about all those spooky gatherings you might be headed to!  And if you’re a guest at an event or two this season, you may not want to show up empty handed!  Even though hostess gifts are never a requirement, they can be a lovely gesture of gratitude…a sweet reminder that you’re thankful to have had the opportunity to celebrate together!  I’m sure like many of you, finding the perfect token can sometimes be a challenge, but there is a tried & true gift that’s always easy and appreciated…a favorite beverage!  Whether it’s wine, sparkling waters, beer, or sodas, beverages always work and can be a useful addition to the host’s drink menu!  I will often take a bottle of wine to a party as a gift.  It can be opened that evening or saved for later, but something consumable is always an appreciated and an effortless choice…especially if it’s a last-minute gathering!  But if you want to gussy it up…I have a really easy way to dress up your bottle in holiday attire!  As most of you know by now, I’m a bit of a Target dollar spot addict!  I really can’t look away from that alluring section set up so smartly to reel in consumers like me as we enter the store!  The upside to my addiction is that most everything in those wonderful little bins are a dollar…keeping it somewhat affordable!  So let me share with you some wrapping inspiration that all began with some dollar spot finds!

string, paper, and tags…oh my!

Favorite Things…

January 20

It’s mid January and, for some of us, about that time of year for feeling the winter blues.  But I’ve got just the fix for those dreary days…some favorite finds that will be sure to bring on the happiness!  Great goodies for pampering yourself, entertaining friends, or offering to those that might need some cheer!  AND Valentine’s Day is less than a month away now so it’s time to start thinking of heartfelt trinkets to dish out to all those sweethearts on your list!  Have a peek at some favorites I picked up for all of the above…simple gifts for my family, my home, and my friends with the goal of creating opportunities to celebrate not just the holiday but winter itself!  I will, of course, share where I found all at the end of the post…so get ready to grab some

wonderful winter pick-me-ups!

Happy Hostess!

October 28

At our little soup soiree one of my fabulous guests brought me the most lovely hostess gift!  It was such a cute idea…and with all the holidays speeding toward us I thought I would share this sweet offering for all those hosts and hostesses you may be encountering!  A really nice idea for favors as well…this little gift will bring big smiles to anyone receiving it!  The holidays can get a little overwhelming and I don’t know about you but I can be stumped sometimes trying to find new ideas for tokens of appreciation to present to hosts, teachers, or anyone I’d like to thank or that might be in need of a little joy!  Have a look at this wonderful DIY gift idea…I’m sure you will love it as much as I did!

give a little happiness…