Happy Hostess!

October 28

At our little soup soiree one of my fabulous guests brought me the most lovely hostess gift!  It was such a cute idea…and with all the holidays speeding toward us I thought I would share this sweet offering for all those hosts and hostesses you may be encountering!  A really nice idea for favors as well…this little gift will bring big smiles to anyone receiving it!  The holidays can get a little overwhelming and I don’t know about you but I can be stumped sometimes trying to find new ideas for tokens of appreciation to present to hosts, teachers, or anyone I’d like to thank or that might be in need of a little joy!  Have a look at this wonderful DIY gift idea…I’m sure you will love it as much as I did!

give a little happiness…

when you head off to all the holiday events that seem to pop up across your calendar you may not always want to show up empty handed.  i have the most adorable idea for you…sad to say it’s not mine…but happy to say that i had the pleasure of receiving it!  a flowering bulb potted in a little mason jar tied up pretty with cellophane and string…

a lovely gift for me to enjoy for weeks to come!

host gift: bulb in mason jar

i LOVE this idea!  so natural, so elegant…and who doesn’t like to have lovely little blooms bring some cheer to your home any time of year?  the great thing is you can make this yourself with some simple supplies…a jar, some pebbles, some raffia or string, and your pick of flowering bulbs!

host gift: bulb in jar

mine was sweetly embellished with some dried flowers and some moss gently tied into the knot…

host gift

you could really have some fun with different materials for the seasons!  so get creative with some DIY gift giving and offer one of these up at your next invitation

wonderful favor

and make your hostess very happy!