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Favorite Things

February 16

Happy Thursday!  I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day doing something that made you feel special!  It was a busy week around my house with several gatherings, celebrations, and events all falling within a couple days time!  And for me, that’s not the norm!  I’m so content to hang at home that when I don’t have those opportunities it can make my week feel a little frazzled!  But frazzled or not, it was an lovely holiday week and BONUS, we now get a 4 day weekend due to a teacher work day and Presidents’ Day…and I’m so thrilled to have that extra time with my family!  So today I’d like to share some favorite things…some festive goodies for those “everyday” celebrations & upcoming holidays, AND a fun and EASY treat from the oven!  I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!  Take a peek…

celebrate simple moments!

Favorite Things

May 20

Anyone who knows me understands that I won’t turn down a chance to have a celebration!  That doesn’t mean I’m throwing big bashes all the time…or even little ones for that matter.  What it DOES mean however, is that I love to make even ordinary situations feel like something special…it just makes me happy and I hope it makes others happy too!  So whether it’s an after school treat, a simple dinner with family and friends, the arrival of a new season, or casual gatherings on the patio after a long day of sporting activities or yard work, I LOVE to make the most of it!  Clearly, the most important part of any gathering is the people involved…but it also doesn’t take much to add some festivity with simple supplies you can keep on hand!  With summer in mind, I’d like to share some favorites that I recently added to my party drawer…a small space where I keep extra paper plates, napkins, and other inexpensive goodies to grab when I have a notion!  Check out these favorite things that I can’t wait to use at my next everyday celebration!

bright & colorful summertime inspiration!

A Farewell Gathering…

June 23

It’s never easy to say “farewell” to friends but when life pulls people in different directions it offers an occasion to celebrate the bonds of friendship–letting those who are leaving know how much they were appreciated and offer well wishes for new and exciting times ahead!  Sarah and another dear friend of ours did just that for two great boys who are moving from our community.  Friends to both of our sons and many others, these two wonderful kids were  celebrated at this festive gathering!  An evening of swimming, playing and snacking was certainly enjoyed by all one last time all together!  Bittersweet, of course, but a lovely way to have a joyful farewell…never goodbye!

celebrating friendship…