Favorite Things

February 16

Happy Thursday!  I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day doing something that made you feel special!  It was a busy week around my house with several gatherings, celebrations, and events all falling within a couple days time!  And for me, that’s not the norm!  I’m so content to hang at home that when I don’t have those opportunities it can make my week feel a little frazzled!  But frazzled or not, it was an lovely holiday week and BONUS, we now get a 4 day weekend due to a teacher work day and Presidents’ Day…and I’m so thrilled to have that extra time with my family!  So today I’d like to share some favorite things…some festive goodies for those “everyday” celebrations & upcoming holidays, AND a fun and EASY treat from the oven!  I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!  Take a peek…

celebrate simple moments!

you know how much i love to celebrate…anything really.  i don’t believe you need a reason to make a moment festive!  this brings me to my first, favorite find at my favorite stomping grounds…the Target dollar spot!  i  nabbed this fun dessert topper and “celebrate” banner for just such a “non-occasion”.  i also thought the “party animal” card would look cute popped into a simple frame on a treat table for an unexpected surprise.  i’m not exactly sure when i might use them but for $5 total spent, i think they were worth picking up…don’t you?

party banner /cake topper

and i have to share these yummy snacks i found at Home Goods.  i’m so in love with the i Heart Keenwah chili puffs that i served up for a Valentine after-school treat!  they’re SO delicious and make a healthier option for munching…and believe me, i did plenty of that while preparing the snack cups!  check out the link to see all their products and where you can buy them!

Valentine snack cups

over the past weekend i served up a simple, pre-Valentine’s Day breakfast of scrambled eggs & heart-shaped biscuits topped with sprinkles!  they turned out so cute and would be perfect for warming hearts anytime of the year.  simply pinch the prepared biscuit dough into a heart shape and bake! (i also took a tiny snip out of the top with kitchen scissors to help make the indentation)  before baking, i pressed some colorful, softer jimmies into the dough.  this kind of sprinkle won’t be crunchy or leave much flavor…of course the sprinkles are completely optional!  i think anyone would be happy with a warm, heart-shaped biscuit to start the day!

heart biscuits

and i did mention another holiday on the horizon didn’t i?  even though St. Patrick’s Day is a month away and you might believe it’s a tad early to be thinking of green celebrations…but in my opinion it’s never too early when you have Irish roots in the family OR you see cute party supplies!  my favorite dollar spot has not yet stocked up on shamrocks and sorts, but i still found these cuties down the isle at Target!  so festive for all the holiday sips you might serve up!  i love them because they’re plastic which is wonderful if you’re filling them with holiday floats or parfaits for kiddos or not-so-careful adults!  things that don’t shatter are a bonus in my book!

St.Patrick's day party supplies

so if you like these shamrock sippers…go grab ’em before they’re gone!  the cute garland is there too…and maybe the dollar spot will be filled with the luck of the Irish soon!  and don’t forget to check out the link for the chili puffs…i think you’ll love them!

Happy Presidents’ Day weekend…how will you celebrate?