November Garden

November 4

November reminds me a little of January…since both follow major holiday decorating, they can also leave your home feeling a bit barren after all the decor comes down!  But honestly, I actually enjoy the refreshing break…time for a quieter, more understated look in my home until December comes calling!  I also love the colors of fall…reds, yellows, oranges and the soft hues of dried wheat and grasses!  A table or buffet can look lovely with a pumpkin or two mixed in with branches & berries of the season, simply letting the beauty of nature shine.  And since I love sticking with natural elements throughout the month leading up to Thanksgiving Day, I thought some simple greenery might help to freshen up my rooms until it’s time for the holiday tree!  I’ve always wanted to create a coffee table terrarium and it seemed like the perfect time to add some green to my autumn color pallet!  All you need is a glass container, some mini plants, and your own personality!  See my first November DIY…a tiny garden fit for my table!

time for indoor planting…

when i stumbled across this heavy glass jar at Hobby Lobby, i knew it was the right one for my container garden!  most craft stores offer loads of jars and vases…the only thing required is that you can get your hand inside!  i love the soft blue-green color of this large bottle…

large bottle

some simple pebbles in the bottom will help with water drainage…and look pretty too!  you can find these in craft stores, nature stores, and even pet stores!  don’t forget to check out all the stones for fish tanks…they have lots of different colors and styles which could really add some personality or match a room!


a little dirt is next…i recycled some of the potting soil from my summer pots!


a long handled spoon was perfect for placing the dirt down inside without getting it all over the walls of the jar…


most garden centers will have miniature plantings since fairy gardens are so popular.  pick some in varying sizes and color to make a nice grouping in the jar.  and depending on how big your container is, you may only need one or two little plantings!  i used 4 in this jar…

living DIY

you can always trim down a plant to make it fit…and pruning will eventually be necessary to keep the terrarium tidy!  i just pinched off branches that were too tall or sticking out funny…really easy!  AND you can also root the trimmings if you want and start growing the beginnings of another terrarium!


i dipped the root ball of each plant in a cup of water before tucking them down inside the dirt…


and to give it some personality, i wanted to add this little figurine i found while junking with a friend!


you can add anything you want to a terrarium…which also makes it a really fun activity to do with a child!  but no matter who participates in the making…the outcome is fun!


a living garden for the coffee table…

november fresh!