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November Garden

November 4

November reminds me a little of January…since both follow major holiday decorating, they can also leave your home feeling a bit barren after all the decor comes down!  But honestly, I actually enjoy the refreshing break…time for a quieter, more understated look in my home until December comes calling!  I also love the colors of fall…reds, yellows, oranges and the soft hues of dried wheat and grasses!  A table or buffet can look lovely with a pumpkin or two mixed in with branches & berries of the season, simply letting the beauty of nature shine.  And since I love sticking with natural elements throughout the month leading up to Thanksgiving Day, I thought some simple greenery might help to freshen up my rooms until it’s time for the holiday tree!  I’ve always wanted to create a coffee table terrarium and it seemed like the perfect time to add some green to my autumn color pallet!  All you need is a glass container, some mini plants, and your own personality!  See my first November DIY…a tiny garden fit for my table!

time for indoor planting…