We All Scream for…Doughnuts!

June 1

The Memorial Day weekend, which is also referred to as the unofficial start to summer, ACTUALLY felt like summer this year–which is a nice change from the rain we normally see!  However, we catapulted from damp and chilly springtime temps right into the dog days–and I don’t know about you but it was a shock to my system!  Plus, my family had plenty of tournament baseball games to attend, all scattered throughout the weekend.  I really don’t know how those boys do it, sometimes playing up to three games a day!  I could hardly sit through one without melting…and I was just sitting!  So with all this time in the hot sun, some chilly snacks were a must after a long day on the field!  I love making ice cream sandwiches…and my boys love eating them!  But like anything else, it’s also fun to come up with new interpretations of favorite treats…just to mix it up a bit.  So this weekend I tried something I’ve been thinking about making for some time…doughnut ice cream sandwiches!  What’s not to like with this combo?  See how simple this double-duty sandwich is to make!

a chilly treat for summertime heat!

there’s really no right or wrong with ice cream sandwiches…anything that can layer around a scoop of frozen cream and compliment the flavor is in the running!  i chose vanilla ice cream & simple honey glazed doughnuts…but you could try any unfilled doughnut and frozen flavor combo!


all you need to do is split the doughnut like slicing a bagel!


fill a scoop with ice cream and place it on the bottom layer.  i smash the scoopful down a bit with the back of a spoon to make it the approximate size of the doughnut.

doughnut & ice cream

top it off and that’s it!  so easy and fun, even tiny tots could help make these delicious indulgences!

doughnut ice cream sandwich

i even tried some doughnut holes…

doughnuts & ice cream

a perfect bite-sized version…

doughnut hole ice cream bites

you can eat them right away or gently wrap them and pop them in the freezer ’til you’re ready!  just let them sit for a sec before serving so the doughnut softens just a bit!  and for some holiday fun…some cake picks perked up my chilly sandwiches with some patriotic flare!

doughnut ice cream sandwiches

a wonderful way to cool down at the end of some hot & steamy days!

i scream for ice cream…and doughnuts

do you?