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How to Create a Balloon Arch

August 10
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This balloon arch tutorial is shared with you courtesy of ProFlowers!

Balloon arches are so popular and incredibly festive!  They can make a party look spectacular…but I’ve never actually tried creating one myself!  ProFlowers has shared their easy, 9-step tutorial for creating such a beautiful party prop and I’m so excited to try it myself AND share it with you!  Creating a balloon arch is perfect for any type of party…and just by changing up the colors or embellishments you can compliment endless themes!  A balloon arch can add a “wow factor” to treat tables, photo booths, gift tables and more.  You can hang them, drape them, or lay them like a table runner…just let your imagination go! There aren’t many things more festive and happy as balloons…and when you combine pretty colors, greenery, and flowers you will have the ingredients for creating a showstopper!  I hope you enjoy the fun…

bring on the happiness with a balloon arch!

Centennial Celebration!

September 16

So the day finally came…the centennial celebration of our home!  It was so much fun planning this event and I was also lucky to have family here to enjoy the evening…and help!  And though I love to throw a party, this evening was really about celebrating the history of our home, family, and friendships!  The weather seemed to have some difficulty making up its mind right up to the hour of the party…but it ultimately turned out to be a lovely evening to be outdoors with the brief 7 pm shower leaving us with a much cooler, comfortable night!  So let me get right to it today and share the celebration of this place we call home…

100 years…and counting!


September 9

The celebration for our home’s centennial is just a day away!  I’ve been having so much fun with the preparations for this party…I LOVE vintage and this gathering will definitely have an old fashioned flair!  Since I don’t have girls, I rarely can add dainty touches to our celebrations unless it’s just for me and my girlfriends!  But this time it’s all about the era so I can have some fun with my color choices and floral patterns and not worry a bit if it’s too “girly”!  So today I’ve planned to complete the majority of my decorating before my family arrives this afternoon!  Even though I will then have plenty of helping hands, it also frees us up a bit to visit and just enjoy the occasion!  I sing the praises of planning ahead…it really makes it much easier to be stress free on the day of an event, big or small!  AND we can’t control mother nature so I also recommend having an “indoor” backup plan if the party is slotted for outside!  It looks like a backup might be needed this weekend so I’m going with plan B for my food setup…which is actually my favorite of the two!  So even if it’s not raining, I think I’m sticking with this one…and we won’t have to worry about the bees and flies bombarding the goodies!  Since I can set things up in advance inside, I’ll share a peek at my party preparations…

centennial celebration in the works…