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Nutella Krispie Treats

February 5

Krispie Treats are a fan favorite among kid party-goers…and I think it’s fair to say they’re a favorite with the adulting type too!  There’s something so delicious about such a simple treat, and isn’t it wonderful that they’re so easy to whip up with ingredients most of us already have in the pantry!  Krispie Treats are honestly one of my favorite go-to snacks for any occasion and it’s so easy to have a little festive fun cutting them into holiday shapes or tinting them with color!  Today I’ve done both of those things with my Valentine Krispies…but I went a little further with an effortless twist that makes them even more amazing!  Check out this easy treat that’s so yummy that your family might gobble them up before you’re even done making them!

love Krispie Treats even more…with Nutella!

Have a Heart…or Two!

January 21

Valentine’s Day often means dishing out some sugar!  Sweet treats are a simple way to show some love…and win over hearts through happy tummies!  So it stands to reason that we’ll be baking some goodies this holiday and dressing them up in true “heart day” style!  Good news–it doesn’t require a full day of sweating it out in the kitchen!  See how you can easily serve up some valentine treats and tempt your sweethearts to indulge!

go ahead and have one…or two…or three…